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Recommended Chicago Spots

Kingsbury Street Cafe 1523 N. Kingsbury Reasoning: Talk of “best for health nuts” Vegan options Quinoa and other enticing entree ingredients Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe 130 E. Randolph St. Reasoning: Good for budget diners Salad varieties Veggie wrap with yummy things like avocado and black beans!

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The Bedford Chicago

The website photography for The Bedford is enticing.  An exhibitionist feel resonates through revamped bank walls.  There is certainly something sexy about a restaurant with a vault, or just a large vault in general. Wild flames dance between panes of glass setting a warm, intimate atmosphere.  It is almost dim enough to dismiss the terribly mod 80′s […]

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Risotrante Quartino: Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Our pizza was covered, literally, with arugula, squash, fresh mushrooms, eggplant, asparagus, and onion.  I have had better sauce, not enough flavor for me, but with so many nutrients and a nice chewy crust, I choose not to complain. Moving on to the prize-winning salad.  My eyes followed an enormous array of leafy greens chock full […]

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Live Well

Several excellent resources for weight-loss and nutritional guidance:  Other Health Resources: Dietary Guidelines for Americans Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion Food and Nutrition Service Food and Nutrition Information Center […]

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What is a Nutritarian?

According to Wikipedia: “A nutritarian is a person who has a preference for foods that are high in micronutrients. The term “nutritarian” was coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In his book, Eat to Live, he offers this health equation, which also serves as a succinct summary of the nutritarian approach to health: Health = Nutrients/Calories (or H= N/C for […]

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The Benefits of Eating Healthy

Do probiotics preventing the common cold?  According to WebMD, some studies have shown that friendly bacteria found in probiotics, like yogurt, can ward off common cold infections.  Eat healthy and be healthier!  It makes sense.

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Yogen Fruz- Little Italy, Chicago

I was initially excited about Yogen Fruz with it’s bright white, sterile ice princess allure.  Healthy dessert in Little Itally?  Not exactly, but probiotic yogurt can be yummy and good for you! After trying the chai latte low fat vanilla at Yogen Fruz, I was let down.  For the amount of sugar that a small cup has, it just should […]

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