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Ready to get in shape?

  Five Star Fitness Boot Camps HOLIDAY SAVINGS! January 3-February 10 Indoor Camp Bucktown at Windy City Fieldhouse   Promo Code:                                         WINDYC  15% OFF! Regular On-line Fee: $229 Early Registration Discount:  15% You Pay Only: $195 that’s only $10.80/session!

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Healthy Habits

Treat Yourself to Healthy Eating and Exercise Etiquette: 1. You Are What You Eat: Make it a habit to eat a healthy meal, pack healthy snacks to stay satiated.  Having a small meal or nutritious snack (the size of your palm) every two to three hours will make you less inclined to stuff yourself.  Anything […]

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Bar Toma: new after shopping Gold Coast locale

Bar Toma Chicago 110 E Pearson St Chicago IL 60611 The best thing that we tasted at Tony Mantuano’s new Bar Toma restaurant was the pepperoni pizza.  Thick, quality Vermont artisan pepperoni added robust flavor.  Our specialty pizza, which came out minus two of the ingredients we ordered, tasted like overcooked mushrooms and garlic.  I […]

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Brunch Restaurant Chicago

 Brunch 644 N. Orleans (at Erie) Chicago, Illinois You’ll never guess what’s cooking in River North! The bad name, which actually deterred a friend of mine from even walking one block and caused hesitance on my part, Brunch, is a great, River North, you guessed it, brunch spot.  High ceilings, exposed original wood columns, and windows for walls makes […]

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Southcoast Sushi

Southcoast Sushi 1700 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL. 60616 Chicago The Southcoast lounge atmosphere declares sexy and upscale, while maintaining a great level of comfortableness.  Bright and creative style exudes refreshingly from every niche.  As we sat back on cushy benches preparing to order, the chef sent over a lovely little pre-meal surprise to whet our palates. Thick […]

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Health and Wellness Challenge

Health aficionados and health haters alike, let us come to agree that the biggest detriment to wellness has to do with lack of proper exercise and nutrition. We know that harmful health habits develop from work, social conflicts, and lack of motivation.  Being and feeling well throughout our lives is an investment we all must make.   […]

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