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Avoid unsafe food additives!

According to a consumer food advocacy group, despite FDA approval, some food additives pose health risks.  Listed are those to be avoided: acesulfame-K, artificial colors blue 1, 2, green 3, read 3, yellow 6, aspartame, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), cyclamate, olestra, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fat), potassium bromate, propyl gallate, saccharin, sodium nitrate.

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Superfood Shake

Shakeology can be used as a nutritional supplement, healthy treat, or weight management tool.  Superfood ingredients and benefits: Superfood Nutrients Shake Ingredients     Health   Benefits   Protein & Amino Acids     Amaranth, Camu-Camu, Goji berry, Sacha Inchi, sprouted quinoa, whey protein.     Helps bodies build lean muscle, heal wounds, improve skin and hair. Supports optimal […]

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Free Moksha Yoga Chicago

Free yoga taught by Moksha trainees.  After your first, receive 1 free pass for any reg class. Moksha Riverwest Tues. 6-7:30pm

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Love Food and Travel?

So do I. Food/Travel blogs:

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