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Best Of Dark Chocolate; A Healthy Way to Indulge?

Dark Chocolate Indulgences  Who doesn’t want a healthy justification for dark chocolate consumption?  Knowing that dark chocolate fights free radicals, lowers heart disease risks, and promotes healthy cholesterol (HDL) makes it that much more enjoyable.  The hard part is eating 70% dark and above, and trying best to do so in moderation.  Read more: Chocolate for […]

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Super Foods: Allowing You to Live Super Well!

Super Food: Classifying foods based on abundance of nutrients and antioxidants.   Use this chart as a guide to ensure you’re not always deriving nutrients from the same old sources.   Try adding super foods to you diet and find out how much better you feel.  I think you will discover how much more delicious […]

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World’s Largest Corn Maze Run – 5k Run/Walk

World’s Largest Corn Maze Run – 5k Run/Walk, northern McHenry County Date – Sunday, October 14, 2012 Start time – 8:00am Location – Richardson’s Adventure Farm- Home of the World’s Largest Corn Maze 9407 Richardson Road, Spring Grove, Illinois 60081 “This is not just any corn maze. OHHH NO, this is the “World’s Largest Corn […]

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Fast Healthy Food, Chicago

I am always looking for healthy places to explore, especially when they are cognizant of positive environmental practices. While I haven’t tried Pret a Manger, the food sounds great and offers vegan options! The same reasoning applies for Hannah’s.  These sandwiches look like they can be loaded with fresh and organic goodies.  Plus, they list the nutrition information and […]

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Best Places to Try Chicago

The best places to try in Chicago Critique is based on these factors: Great ambiance,  how talented, flexible, and creative the chef can get may be top priority.  However, great ambiance weighs heavily.  Who isn’t looking for knowledgeable servers in a comfortable, stylish setting?  I also expect loads of fresh organic ingredients (especially veggie and vegan dishes) […]

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