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What is in Season Now?

Save your wallet and help the farmers by eating seasonally!  How easy is it to incorporate seasonal vegetables into your kitchen? Easy to read Seasonality Chart

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Athletes’ Nutrition: No More Charley Horsing Around

How to avoid Charley horses First understand that they often occur from a mineral or vitamin deficiency, or circulation issue. 4 Quick Fixes (vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and hydration), and No More Suffering. The following quick lists of Charley horse fixes are ordered from highest to lowest mgs per cup. Vitamin E. Charley Horses solely […]

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Detrimental Diabetes: Preventable, Research Shows

Do you ever think of disease as a detrimental cost to society?  According to the American Diabetes Association the total cost of diabetes in the United States in 2007 was $218 billion. $18 billion for people with undiagnosed diabetes $25 billion for American adults with pre-diabetes $623 million for gestational diabetes Diabetes: What it is Healthy bodies […]

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