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Written By: The Nutritarian - Sep• 05•19

Get in the Fast Lane to Health

We create healthy, vegan snacks that taste like a treat.  Our Elevated Snacks™, Superfood Fudge™ & Superfood Muffins™ are satiating & nutrient dense without any added sugars. This brand will tantalize your taste buds in a natural, hit the spot healthy way™, because we care about human beings and the environment.



In 2011, being a triathlete & self-proclaimed foodie/health nut who needed fuel from real food, not glorified candy bars. The kitchen became my lab & once product went to market, turns out, I wasn’t alone in the hunt. We now sell Elevated Snacks in 2 varieties, Superfood Fudge & Superfood Muffins in 3 flavors. This visionary company cares about flavor & nutrients. We deliver delicious, satiating vegan, & eco-friendly health snacks while giving back i.e. Healthy Schools Campaign, EarthDayED, & supporting local and organic products.

All Snacks Are NOT Created Equally

Have you looked at the ingredients on any of your snacks recently?

When you do, you will probably notice that most have some form of sugar, oil or animal product at the top of the list.

Fast Lane to Health™ Products use veggies and other nutrient dense ingredients as #1 all the way to the last one.

Everyone knows what big brands tell us we should be eating, but what does the research say about what is really best for our bodies and environment and why isn’t that reflected in what is available and affordable?

Check out research from The China Study, The American Dietetic Association, Dr. Joel Fuhrman or other organizations impacting change.

Superfood Fudge - Nutrition Label-3

Mission and Vision 

Promote wellness and creativity through delicious, nutrient dense food, embracing what is best for our bodies and planet.

Offer whole food snacks and better for you options that promote wellbeing and satiation instead of feeding habits.  Natural, organic, real food and flavor instead of overly sweet and processed product.

Exposure + $$$$ = More yummy healthy products for more people sooner!

Investing in packaging, kitchen equipment & our own kitchen space will allow us to serve more customers, generate revenue to pay full-time and part-time employees, offer higher wages & benefits to all involved.  Investing in informative & educational marketing will allow more people to understand our mission to support health, local food systems, environmental activism, & education. The future of food & wellness is essential. Our vision of easier wellbeing is here now.

We can vote with our dollars to support local and demand natural and organic real food and flavor.

Let’s embrace what is best for our bodies and planet.  We can all benefit from snacks that promote wellness.

Giving back and partnering with organizations that care and make a difference 

Healthy Schools Campaign advocates for health and wellness in schools through policy and education.  They will receive proceeds once we figure out how to do that and we will be working with other local companies such as Yoga on The Beach Chicago to share wellbeing

.Superfood Fudge Avery front lable

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