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Written By: The Nutritarian - Mar• 12•12

 A unique rectangular prism covered in flooring.  Bright lighting allows for optimum viewing of your food…and your date.  Close quarter communal tables were perfect for sharing tastes and chatting with friendly neighbors.

We started off to a slowly with a very light and fruity Chardonnay, pleasant, yet very un-chardonnay like in its lack of oak and buttery mouth feel.  Instead, I recommend the Antomium 6-grain golden ale, a delectable Belgium beer served in an awesome, breathable goblet. 

To begin our feast we ordered the vegetable antipasto that was slightly disappointing, not in concept or nutritional value, but in freshness and flavor.   Large fennel rings were undetectable except by the eye and the kale was plain and boring.  Whatever dressing they used was  pre-made (according to our server) since she would not allow for us to have it on the side.  We couldn’t discern any flavor so hopefully it didn’t add too much unnecessary fat. Anyway, I will admit; the broccoli and quinoa were perfectly cooked.  Points added for this.   However, as a winter dish, it would have been much more enjoyable served warm.

Chorizo-stuffed dates turned up the heat with smoked bacon and pepper tomato sauce was tasty and spicy.  Even though the sausage had some hard fatty bites, maybe that’s the way that type of sausage is supposed to be, it was still good, unlike our kind and generous table partners’ dry roasted pork shoulder that we tasted (my Mom’s is more tender and moist). 

Lucky for us, we persevered and ordered the marinated white anchovies on flatbread with cucumber, cilantro and mustard oil.  Once again, the freshness of the cilantro was lacking, thank God that didn’t apply to the anchovies.  This dish was absolutely delightful and I may return solely to have that combination in my mouth again.

For the finale we finally had a warm dish; the wood-fired squid which was oh so tender and hot with a very nice tomato spice topped off with a delightful (unlike any other) cream dollop.   I wish our server could have explained all of the ingredients a little better.  Under the freezing temperatures and blasting bar music conditions, maybe I just couldn’t focus.  Fun date spot, way overhyped.

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