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Best Of Dark Chocolate; A Healthy Way to Indulge?

Written By: The Nutritarian - Sep• 28•12

Dark Chocolate Indulgences 

Who doesn’t want a healthy justification for dark chocolate consumption?  Knowing that dark chocolate fights free radicals, lowers heart disease risks, and promotes healthy cholesterol (HDL) makes it that much more enjoyable.  The hard part is eating 70% dark and above, and trying best to do so in moderation.  Read more: Chocolate for Heart Health?

Here are the recommended best brands:

Dagoba Dark Chocolate chili and superfruit flavors with 74% cacao percentages were ohh so tasty. (Whole Foods)

Endangered Species Organic 72% Dark Chocolate- Cranberry & almond and blueberry were tied for best flavor. (Whole Foods) Endangered species is a public charity foundation that donates 10% of net profits to promoting global change in species and habitat preservation, and humanitarian efforts.  Another great reason to feel good about indulging.

Kpali Organics-Organic goji, cacao, mulberry, pistachio  mix

Dairy Free Dark Chocolate– Boom Choco Boom, unfortunately they don’t list the percentage of cocoa.  Best for lactose free dark though.  I am sure competitors will be following suit.

Sweet tooth trip?  Visit for creative chocolate tastings: The Chocolate Room, Brooklyn, NY and Bissingers in St. Louis, MI

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