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Brunch Restaurant Chicago

Written By: The Nutritarian - Dec• 20•11

 Brunch 644 N. Orleans (at Erie) Chicago, Illinois

You’ll never guess what’s cooking in River North! The bad name, which actually deterred a friend of mine from even walking one block and caused hesitance on my part, Brunch, is a great, River North, you guessed it, brunch spot.  High ceilings, exposed original wood columns, and windows for walls makes it bright and open, even though it doesn’t have a patio.

Plenty of fun combinations, a unique house-made salsa Fresca, pillow puff potatoes, and a chef that’s personable and flexible make up for a creativity-drained restaurant name.  I was allowed to conjure up a healthy spinach, vegetable, poached egg, and deliciously fresh Norwegian lox and caper dish that was perfectly cooked for an up charge of…yikes, we won’t mention that.

Save $9 bucks and order the spicy jalapeño ratatouille with poached eggs instead.  According to the chef, the menu changes monthly so it may be in best interest to check out the new menu items on a regular basis. Be sure to take note of Brunch’s eclectic variety of mugs to induce positive feelings about your community.  Donations were made by locals to support conservation efforts.

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