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Carnivale Chicago 702 W Fulton Market

Written By: The Nutritarian - May• 15•12

Argentinean, Brazilian, Columbian, Cuban, Peruvian, and Puerto Rican Oh My!

Carnivale, from the Latin word, “Carne Vale” or “Farewell to the Flesh” eventually became a Brazilian tradition after the Greek festival honoring Dionysus (god of wine).  The fest is a massive celebratory indulgence of music, food, alcohol, and sex preceding forty days of personal reflection, abstinence, and fasting for Lent.  Sounds balanced.

Can you imagine the bustling atmosphere of raw energy one might encounter during such a celebration?  Such an environment abounds at Carnivale. So many distractions, none comparable to the outstanding culinary delights you will encounter.

My vegetarian meal was one of the best I’ve had.  Unique flavors of perfectly cooked seasonal vegetables tantalize the taste buds and you will not have to worry about oil overload, due to the pronounced freshness of ingredients.  Appetizers were fantasticly light, and participation in dessert, as hedonistic as it may seem, is worth it.  Order the Carnivale ice cream cake, an experience in itself that must be described.

Envision a tower of passion fruit, guava, and pistachio ice creams layered between moist, supple chocolate cake.  Start from the top and slip your warm spoon through each melting layer, gathering a taste of each flavor before gliding the perfect bite over fresh mango, raspberry, and basil drizzles that have been splattered about the plate.  You don’t have to come back to reality, this solid masterpiece was built to last, and share.  Just make sure it stays straight up.

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