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Centered Chef Detox

Written By: The Nutritarian - Mar• 12•12

Learning and networking experience with Centered Chef Chicago

I am in love with food, especially healthy food that tastes amazing.  Some of us are in love with less than healthy food, or faux foods.  Either way, I’ve discovered a fun way to be social and adopt healthier lifestyle choices! 

The space is really cool; an open layout with floor to ceiling windows, an amazingly colossal kitchen, and great tasty food.   They also offer yoga, and are very versatile and open-minded with how they use the space. 

Here is the schedule if you’re interested in checking it out.  Leave a post if you plan on coming tonight so they can prepare enough food.

  • Monday, March 12: Class #1: Orientation Session (discussion only,learn how to prepare for Day 1).  FREE SESSION* 6-7pm
  • Monday, March 19: Class #2: The Detox Begins (discussion + cooking class) 6-8pm
  • Monday, March 26: Class #3: 2nd Week of Detox (discussion + cooking class) 6-8pm
  • Monday, April 2: Class #4: 3rd Week of Detox (discussion + cooking class) 6-8pm
  • Monday, April 9: Class #5: The Reintroduction Phase Begins! (discussion + cooking) 6-8pm

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