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Chicago Places to Try

Written By: The Nutritarian - Aug• 25•12

Parrot Cage – Washburne Culinary Institute

Hearty – Lakeview / East Lakeview

Wishbone – West Loop, Southern, Vegan Options

Broadway Cellars – Edgewater, Contemporary America

Big Jones – Andersonville, Southern

Southport and Irving- Lakeview / East Lakeview, American

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  1. Tori says:

    How are these recommended restaurants good for a Nutritarian? I looked at all the menus and found little in the way of vegetables but rather heavy on meat — not healthy no less high in nutrient density. Very disappointing.

    • The Nutritarian says:

      Hi Tori,

      I sometimes like to go places and see what the chef can do, or how flexible they will be for Nutritarians. I am sorry to disappoint, maybe this would better guide you: I also just created a better ‘try this’ for Chicago post.
      Keep in mind that even as a Nutritarian, I like to try places that aren’t traditionally nutritious to flavor ideas and inspiration for my own recipes, menus, and cooking (always nutritarian style).
      When dining out, more often than not, I create my own entrée based on ingredients found on the menu. I prefer restaurants with lots of veggies in my meal and that’s not always on the menu.
      Thank you for writing and inspiring me to include better recommendations for Nutritarians. I guess I had to see if anyone was really following. 😉 Sometimes it seems like no one cares. Check out my newest post, I think you’ll enjoy it!

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