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Written By: The Nutritarian - Oct• 02•12

Since it isn’t always simple to find good healthy food, here are some free apps to assist:

InBloom: Now you will know where to eat organic at any time.  Allows you to search nearby restaurants and markets for sustainable, healthy meals, based on location, eco considerations, special offerings like “grass-fed beef” or “shade-grown coffee,” and dietary preference, including gluten-free, raw, paleo, and more.

HarvestMark Food Traceability: To truly know where your food comes from, use this app to scan the HarvestMark bar code or QR code on fruit, vegetables, and poultry to receive a report on where your cucumber came from.  You could also read the sticker or label.

CSPI Chemical Cuisine: If you’ve ever encountered a questionable ingredient from a food label, rest assured, The Center for Science in the Public Interest has created this app to glean light on more than 130 food additives and safety ratings.
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