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Written By: The Nutritarian - Dec• 05•11

Health aficionados and health haters alike, let us come to agree that the biggest detriment to wellness has to do with lack of proper exercise and nutrition.

We know that harmful health habits develop from work, social conflicts, and lack of motivation.  Being and feeling well throughout our lives is an investment we all must make.   If you understand this, you’re ahead of most.  Opening your mind to exercise and proper nutrition as a part of your daily life is the first step toward a rewarding transformation.

The fitness challenge that I have created is an accountability workout and healthy eating group.  If you are interested in feeling and looking great from the inside out, we will find a plan that fits your interest, ability level, and lifestyle.

Summon the courage to take a journey to wellness.

Focusing on this challenge will allow you to enjoy yourself fully during the indulgent holiday festivities guilt free.  We then will emerge into the New Year unscathed by extra poundage, negating any contributions to high cholesterol or clogged arteries that we may have induced.

Keep in mind: 21 days break a habit, 42 days form an attitude, and 84 days transform your life.

Here are the 4 challenge choices:

  1. For those who would like to take it easy:  Take Shakeology and complete the workout DVDs that comes with the shake.  This will be done 2-3 times a week for 60 days.
  2. For those who like it tough: Insanity or P90X workouts 4-6 times a week for 60 days.  Use Shakeology as a    replacement snack for a sweet tooth or as an additional nutrition supplement for protein and super food antioxidants.
  3. Create your own adventure for those that want to pick a workout DVD program or challenge to follow.  Choose a challenge or click on shop to pick a workout video that looks the most intriguing to you.
  4. Follow the Nutritarian Guidelines, get a personal trainer, personal grocery shopper, and/or out to eat ordering advisor.

Pick your poison and embrace this opportunity to better your health!  You know which group you need (If you don’t, I can help you)! We will track our progress and I will be faciliitating the challenge to ensure you are staying true to your goals.

Please come to me with any questions.  You may email me or send me a Facebook message any time.  I will provide more details about the groups as soon as I know who is committing.  Gather your friends and your guts, and be well.  Your health affects you and everyone close to you.

I’m only accepting 10 people per group to make the challenge worthwhile.  There are financial commitments as well as personal commitments.  For those who are seriously interested please contact me by Friday, December 9th, 2011.  The challenge begins Monday 12/12/11.

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