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Risotrante Quartino: Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Written By: The Nutritarian - Nov• 19•11

Our pizza was covered, literally, with arugula, squash, fresh mushrooms, eggplant, asparagus, and onion.  I have had better sauce, not enough flavor for me, but with so many nutrients and a nice chewy crust, I choose not to complain.

Moving on to the prize-winning salad.  My eyes followed an enormous array of leafy greens chock full of crisp, exotic, and vibrantly colored vegetables in a delightfully enormous portion as the dish was placed in front of me.  Music to my mouth!  For Dessert the Gran Coppa Quartino had out of this world strawberry gelati, fresh seasonal berries, and the chewiest biscotti I’ve yet to eat.  This beautifully presented dessert was sprinkled with perfectly toasted hazelnuts and crowned with fresh mint leaves.  Lingering memories of the delicious flavor and texture combinations are making my mouth water.  Having the option to eat well in a healthy way makes dessert splurges that much more fun.

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