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Southcoast Sushi

Written By: The Nutritarian - Dec• 11•11

Southcoast Sushi 1700 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL. 60616 Chicago

The Southcoast lounge atmosphere declares sexy and upscale, while maintaining a great level of comfortableness.  Bright and creative style exudes refreshingly from every niche.  As we sat back on cushy benches preparing to order, the chef sent over a lovely little pre-meal surprise to whet our palates.

Thick and tender lump crab served with explode in your mouth kernels of perfectly grilled fresh corn, jalapeño, lime, and mango came as a tart yet tasty cold appetizer.

Southcoast has excellent specialty rolls with unique variations such as the tuna with Asian vegetables and mint.  The specialty seared super white tuna with sweet potato was also delectable.

Everything here was superb.  Including the server who was flexible and accommodating with our dietary modification requests.  An added bonus: half price bottles of wine and sake as a Monday night special.  Looking forward to trying more from this south loop sushi spot.

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