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Spaghetti Salad: An Unconventional Healthy Breakfast

Written By: The Nutritarian - Aug• 18•12

Some times you don’t want spaghetti and meatballs, it doesn’t seem like the best way to start out the day, plus not many Italian restaurants are open at 8:30am for breakfast.

Today I gazed into the fridge ready to fuel up for the day.  I found an apple, ate it; still hungry.  Next course: cracked wheat. It was boiled with cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, almond milk and sea salt.  Still craving more of an unconventional breakfast.

Second course, (remember I’m an Italian athlete, we eat a lot), I had to get a creative since I am due a trip to the grocery.  I wanted to feel full so I boiled Lundberg’s gluten free organic brown rice pasta (add salt to the water).  I also knew I wanted it to be healthy, so while waiting for the boil, I chopped fresh spinach and other mixed greens along with fresh dried basil from the garden and the two cherry tomatoes I had left as a base in my bowl.  Once the noodles were aldente (to the tooth, not overcooked mush), I drained them and poured the steaming tendrils over my greens.  I had a huge bowl filled with all the right ingredients; plenty of textures and flavors for a satisfying spaghetti salad.  Recommended wine pairing: HESS Red

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