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Terrapin 5k and Music Fest Needs a Health Makeover

Who offers runners and athletes cheesy quesadillas and sprinkled donuts to go with Magic Hat beer after a 5k race?  GROSS.  I traded my food ticket for extra beer and made a delightful feast at home that was satisfying and nourishing.  Here is the quick, healthy, and easy recipe replacement: Ingredients: Lundenburg Elbow Rice Noodles […]

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New York Times Article Confronting Obesity Problem

It seems that we need a better understanding of what is happening with food in society today. From the 70′s to the 21st century Americans’ weight has increased by about 20 pounds and the national obesity rate has jumped to over 30 percent.  It is no surprise that more and more people are becoming concerned with this […]

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Eat Organic

Ten Reasons to Eat Organic Food Shopping and eating organic foods and products promote sustainability and offer a great number of healthy living benefits compared to traditional consumer products. Enjoy this article by Joan Ullyett BA, RHN and learn why eating organic makes sense for you, your family, and your community.  Source:  Organic food is […]

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Yearly Cleanse

Being exposed to excess fat,  calories, and sugar over the years (especially holidays) can lead to unwanted pounds and toxin build up in your system.  A yearly cleanse is a wonderfully refreshing way to give your liver a break, and clear your system for a fresh, healthy start. I recommend The Complete Master Cleanse by […]

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Ready to get in shape?

  Five Star Fitness Boot Camps HOLIDAY SAVINGS! January 3-February 10 Indoor Camp Bucktown at Windy City Fieldhouse   Promo Code:                                         WINDYC  15% OFF! Regular On-line Fee: $229 Early Registration Discount:  15% You Pay Only: $195 that’s only $10.80/session!

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Health and Wellness Challenge

Health aficionados and health haters alike, let us come to agree that the biggest detriment to wellness has to do with lack of proper exercise and nutrition. We know that harmful health habits develop from work, social conflicts, and lack of motivation.  Being and feeling well throughout our lives is an investment we all must make.   […]

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