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The Best of Both Worlds: How Dates Can Sweeten Your Foods and Improve Your Health

Dates Dates are a versatile and delicious natural sweetener that can be used in a variety of recipes, from healthy snacks to baked goods to smoothies. But did you know that dates also offer a host of health benefits? With high fiber content, a low glycemic index, and 16 vitamins and minerals, dates are a […]

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Yogen Fruz- Little Italy, Chicago

I was initially excited about Yogen Fruz with it’s bright white, sterile ice princess allure.  Healthy dessert in Little Itally?  Not exactly, but probiotic yogurt can be yummy and good for you! After trying the chai latte low fat vanilla at Yogen Fruz, I was let down.  For the amount of sugar that a small cup has, it just should […]

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