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Kohlrabi – Love at First Bite

Although the outdoor farmers markets have ended, I’m inspired to share some kitchen creativity that came to me this season when I discovered my love of Kohlrabi at first bite, no joke.  I too imagined it would be a man, but not too surprising it’s a veggie.  Here’s the fast, raw recipe I created and a […]

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What are the Best Carbs?

  Here you will find carb recommendations from a recent USAT article: 1. Sweet Potatoes The bright orange color of these root vegetables is a visual cue that they are an abundant source of the high-powered antioxidant, vitamin A. They also are a great source of potassium to help soothe sore muscles and maintain the right […]

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New York Times Article Confronting Obesity Problem

It seems that we need a better understanding of what is happening with food in society today. From the 70′s to the 21st century Americans’ weight has increased by about 20 pounds and the national obesity rate has jumped to over 30 percent.  It is no surprise that more and more people are becoming concerned with this […]

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Oxidation, or Old Fruit = Less Nutrients

The longer a fruit is exposed to air and light, the less vitamins and nutrients it will have.  So as sweet as the old brown fruit may seem, it may not be worth it with the added sugar content and lost nutrients. Other things that can deplete nutrients besides light and air include:  Cooking, deep […]

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Eat Organic

Ten Reasons to Eat Organic Food Shopping and eating organic foods and products promote sustainability and offer a great number of healthy living benefits compared to traditional consumer products. Enjoy this article by Joan Ullyett BA, RHN and learn why eating organic makes sense for you, your family, and your community.  Source:  Organic food is […]

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Live Well

Several excellent resources for weight-loss and nutritional guidance:  Other Health Resources: Dietary Guidelines for Americans Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion Food and Nutrition Service Food and Nutrition Information Center […]

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