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The Best of Both Worlds: How Dates Can Sweeten Your Foods and Improve Your Health

Dates Dates are a versatile and delicious natural sweetener that can be used in a variety of recipes, from healthy snacks to baked goods to smoothies. But did you know that dates also offer a host of health benefits? With high fiber content, a low glycemic index, and 16 vitamins and minerals, dates are a […]

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Super Foods: Allowing You to Live Super Well!

Super Food: Classifying foods based on abundance of nutrients and antioxidants.   Use this chart as a guide to ensure you’re not always deriving nutrients from the same old sources.   Try adding super foods to you diet and find out how much better you feel.  I think you will discover how much more delicious […]

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Cooking presentation by Chef Giacomo Pagano

Have I mentioned lately that I love food and Whole Foods especially?  Fresh, authentic Italian cooking (and accent) from Naples Native Chef Giacomo Pagano ensued last night in the Whole Foods kitchen.   Chef Giacomo conjured up a fun, interactive air of real food and flavor.   Prosecco, cheese, olive and meat antipasti, and vegetarian bean soup (for […]

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