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The Bedford Chicago

Written By: The Nutritarian - Nov• 20•11

The website photography for The Bedford is enticing.  An exhibitionist feel resonates through revamped bank walls.  There is certainly something sexy about a restaurant with a vault, or just a large vault in general.

Wild flames dance between panes of glass setting a warm, intimate atmosphere.  It is almost dim enough to dismiss the terribly mod 80’s furniture.  Minor detail considering everything else is set up for a successful dinner date.

Powdered bacon covered deviled eggs came as our first well received culinary creation.  We also sampled a smattering of seafood: mussels, oysters, and the delicious fluke Carpaccio.  While everything tasted good…thoughts of, I’ve have had better and bigger, did arise.  Mini mussels, small oysters, and the Carpaccio as an entree definitely would not satisfy a healthy appetite.

Size aside, tastiness still flourished.  The well-seasoned cream, garlic chili, spring onion flavored juice for the mussels saved the day.  Our seafood selections were better than the chicken, which was flavorful and moist, but overly sage seasoned.  Ala Carte green beans and almonds were ordered because of their healthy guise.  They tasted like they absorbed enough butter and oil to fuel a small gas station.  Okay truth be told, they tasted good enough to finish two large portions.  I am just mad that the crunchy freshness of the ingredients won me over despite the artery-clogging factor.

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