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The Hunger Scale Challenge

Written By: The Nutritarian - Jul• 16•12

See how many times a week you can eat only when you’re feeling 1,2,3, or 4?  Not easy, at least for me.  I am regularly clocking in at the 7 and up level.

  1. Weak and light-headed, possible headache,  stomach acid churning.
  2. Very uncomfortable.  Irritable and unable to concentrate.
  3. Uncomfortably hungry.  Tummy rumbling.
  4. Slightly uncomfortable.  Just beginning to feel pangs of hunger.
  5. Comfortable.  Satisfied, but could eat more.
  6. Perfectly satiated.
  7. Full. A little bit uncomfortable.
  8. Uncomfortably full.  Bloated or woozy.
  9. Very uncomfortably full.  You need to loosen your clothes.
  10. Stuffed.  You are so full you feel nauseous; as if you could explode.

The next challenge will be stopping at 5 or 6.  One step at a time.

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