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Budgeting for Organic Produce

Written By: The Nutritarian - Oct• 31•12

To Be or Not to Be Organic? That is Still the Question

If you can’t justify or afford organics, be sure to reference the “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen” to find what is safest, and where to save in the conventional vs. organic decision.  I alphabetized them to make it easier to remember. 

Below is a quick guide to where you can go for affordable, quality organic.

Where can I go for Affordable, Quality Organic at the Grocery?

Whole Foods– Organic apples are often on sale, oranges are sometimes organic.

Trader Joe’s- They have bags of organic apples and pears that are under $3.00.  Buy things that you will be eating within a few days.  Items do not last long once brought home, from organic soy milk to arugula, it doesn’t stay fresh like Whole Foods.

Aldi- No organic options, but they do have some decent produce.

Stanley’s- They have a diverse selection of produce and some organic options with very low prices.

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