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Written By: The Nutritarian - Jan• 08•12

Being exposed to excess fat,  calories, and sugar over the years (especially holidays) can lead to unwanted pounds and toxin build up in your system.  A yearly cleanse is a wonderfully refreshing way to give your liver a break, and clear your system for a fresh, healthy start.

I recommend The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn.  Gather some friends and get started toward a clear and clean mind and body.  It is a great way to regulate your system and metabolism.  It is quite challenging, I have done 3 days of what many will pursue a goal of 40 and some have done over one hundred.  Read the book and try it out to see what works best for you, maybe test your limits.  It is best to surround yourself with people, or at least one other person who will support your efforts.   Good luck and get excited for the rewarding transformation afterward! 🙂  Another great cleanse, involves the organic superfood Shakeology cleanse.  Join the Yearly Cleanse Group on Facebook to keep up with other committed cleansers.

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