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Yogen Fruz- Little Italy, Chicago

Written By: The Nutritarian - Nov• 03•11

I was initially excited about Yogen Fruz with it’s bright white, sterile ice princess allure.  Healthy dessert in Little Itally?  Not exactly, but probiotic yogurt can be yummy and good for you!

After trying the chai latte low fat vanilla at Yogen Fruz, I was let down.  For the amount of sugar that a small cup has, it just should have tasted better.  Digging that they have healthier frozen fresh fruit options, I sipped a friend’s smoothie and it was quite tasty, very pure, not too sweet, and better than the chai latte.  Still containing a lot of sugar for my liking.  It may not have been a hot enough day for full fro yo enjoyment, but the benefits of consuming probiotics make the trip worthwhile.

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